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Professional, experienced and objective business financial & technologial consultant
Marketing Research
Types of Research

Profinser provides strategic market research services. Expertise in market positioning, brand equity analysis, and satisfaction studies. International blue-chip client base includes professional services and consulting firms, financial services organizations, consumer goods companies, postal organizations and oil companies.  Some of the types of research we perform are:

  • Brand Research: Brand Equity
  • Brand Research: Brand Positioning
  • Business-to-Business: Business / Professional Research
  • Corporate Image / Identity Research
  • Customer Satisfaction: Benchmark Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Marketing Research:  Full Service
  • Strategic Research: General
  • Strategic Research:  Market Opportunity / Evaluation Studies
  • Psychological / Research
  • Psychographich Research
  • Consultation:  Media Research
  • Consultation: Marketing Research

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